Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High School Football - My Favorite Season

I love High School Football! We have had the fortune of having three nephews play football for a local Catholic High School for the past ten years. If there is one thing I miss about my children going to a high school, it is the football games. Fortunately we can live vicariuosly through our nephews. This year we just happen to have a star kicker to cheer for. He won the game for his team this past weekend by kicking the winning field goal in overtime against the rival Catholic high school!

Unfortunately I could not be at the game as I stayed home with the two little ones. I did listen to the game on the radio, however, and right at the end of the game when our nephew was going to go out and potentially kick the winning field goal, my three year old runs in the room and yells, "I have to go potty." AHHH! I tried to convince him to go by himself, but it didn't work. In desperation, I turned up the volume as loud as it could go, ran him to the bathroom and got him "set up" and then ran back to hear the end of the game. Don't worry, I went back to him as soon as the game ended!

Anyhow, I always find it a bit interesting to go to the games. You can't miss us when we show up...all nine of us bundled up, most of us in dresses or skirts! (Yes, unless it is really cold out, we even wear our dresses and skirts to the games! Of course, this week it was really cold out but we realized at the last minute that no one had jeans that fit them! Oh well, doubling up on the tights and skirts works, too!)

Anyhow, the last game I went to, I even got strange looks from my kids. You see, it was a really good game and I can't help myself, I jump up and yell and scream and cheer as loud as anybody. "Mom, what are you doing?" was the question. You see, they might be used to me yelling, and maybe even occasionally screaming, but never jumping up and down and waving my arms while doing it! "Well," I responded, "it's a football game, you can't just sit there and do nothing! Get up and yell!" Before long, the whole family was up on their feet.

It is really nice to be able to do something fun and out of the ordinary with your kids. I think it is good for them to see their parents in a different mode than they are used to. It keeps them wondering about what other surprises you might have up your sleeve.

So, with any luck we'll be making a trip to the state championship game in a few weeks. It's a long, cold day, but we love it. This is the last football player in the family for awhile so we have to live it up while we can.

God Bless! (And go Celtics!)


  1. Yeah, we NEVER used to scream at football games. Gosh, up until the one you went too, I didn't even know you LIKED football!
    Guess that's because you usually (scratch, hardly) ever go to them.
    Well, we must be used to it now! At the game on Saturday we were all screaming and yelling.

    GO Celtics!

  2. Mum, I nominated you for an award!