Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election Thoughts

While it might be easy to fall into discouragement and possibly even despair, we have to remember that God has heard all of our prayers and is answering them, although not in a way that we might have hoped for. As I thought this morning about this, it occurred to me that God has given us a wonderful opportunity: the opportunity to stay on our knees and to pray with continued fervor for the conversion of our country and for life to be revered from conception to natural death. Had the election had another outcome, I think we might have been prone to give a big sigh of relief and ease up on the intensity of our prayers.

So, as a friend of ours had emailed this morning:

"I already said my first rosary for the country and especially the President-Elect's health, safety, wisdom, courage, and compassion. I encourage you to do the same.

Remember that God is in charge! Fear not and live in the hope He has given us."

Great words to live by! I have to say, too, that this whole election process has been an incredible learning opportunity. Our family has learned so much by following and getting involved through prayer and activities during this historic time.

So, grab your rosaries and hang on. I think we're in for an interesting ride!

God Bless!