Friday, April 17, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 19

Welcome back to another week of Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Conversion Diary.


The other night at dinner we were having a math conversation. My husband was "quizzing" Ms 5 yo about addition. He asked her the following question, "If I walked 5 miles and then turned around and walked 2 miles back toward home, how many miles did I walk all together?" Ms 5 yo correctly said, "7". At this point Mr 4 yo chimed in, "But Daddy, you drove home today!"


In case anyone is interested in having their children (or themselves) learn Latin but does not feel comfortable teaching it, check out this webiste. Christine is offering live Latin tutoring via the internet. She also has classes that you can take (if you live in Ohio) as well as Latin coaching. Looks like a great help if you are really interested in learning the language.


We went to the Good Friday service last week in Latin. I've mentioned my feelings about the Latin Mass a few times before, but there is still something tugging at me about it. It helped that our friend was there to lend us a Latin Mass Missal. I know enough Latin to be able to follow along and figure out where we are. Of course, I can only do this IF I DON'T GET DISTRACTED. As soon as I look away, I lose my place and it takes me forever to find it again. Let's just say that not getting distracted is impossible with three children who have no clue what is going on and have no way of figuring it out. Maybe this is best left to people without small children????


Emily update: Our friend Emily started radiation and chemo on her Stage III mouth cancer this week. She is having a rough time of it already because she is reacting poorly to the medication that she gets to keep her salivary glands alive. She has to have this every time she has radiation therapy (which is every day!) and so then she becomes very sick from it. On top of everything, she hates needles but is getting stuck by them numerous times a day. Please keep her in your prayers!


Time for a bit of self promotion :) You can now officially buy Life Of Fred Math books directly from me, in case anyone is interested in a really good math program. We like these books because they are very thorough, give you a great math education and are fun to read! You can order your books through my website! Check it out and thanks for supporting my apostolate.


You may remember that I am a big supporter of the Miles Christi group of priests who preach the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Their home base is near Detroit Michigan, and it is there that they are trying to build the St. Joseph's Family Center. Right now they are hosting an online auction. If you are interested in supporting their efforts, check out the site and bid on some nice stuff.


A US Census worker was in my driveway today verifying that my house exists. She said that this is the first step in the 2010 Census. She said that she needed to get close to the actual structure so that she could punch something in on her hand-held computer to verify that there is a house at this address. I think this 2010 Census could be very interesting.


  1. Wow, I hope all the census takers have that much fun! This should be very interresting...especially since ACORN is helping to take the info...

  2. Re: the Latin Mass. I know lots of families that do it with their small children, but their children grew up with it so its more natural. I can see how it would be tricky for little people to make the adjustment. I'm not a mother, so I don't have any personal experience.

    I haven't been to very many Traditional Masses, despite my great love for them (can't wait to get to TAC and go daily!), but this is just what works for me... the missal distracts me. Trying to find my place just really distracts me. I'm familiar enough with the form of the Mass that I always know what's happening even if I don't know the specific words being said, so I just contemplate on the sacrifice and don't worry about the little things, and I can really 'experience' the Mass so much better that way.

    Speaking from ongoing personal experience, being a 'beginner' at a Traditional Mass can be a little awkward. The missal just seemed to make it worse for me, so I set it aside. But that's only me. :)