Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some YMCA Fun

On Sunday, as we were driving between one meal and the next, we happened to pass a big, new Y.M.C.A. building and sign. My son said, "YMCA - Young Men's Catholic Association." No, we told him it was Christian, not Catholic. The following conversation then took place:

DH: It really can't be called Christian anymore, can it?

17YO: How about YMNIPA - Young Men's Nothing In Particular Assoc?

Me: Well maybe YMNDA - Young Men's Non-Denominational Assoc. And it shouldn't just be for men.

17YO: Okay, the YPNDA - the Young Person's Non-Denominational Assoc.

Me: You do realize that even saying Young is discriminatory so it really should be the AAPNDA - Any Aged Person's Non-Denominational Assoc.

There, I think we finally made it as politically correct and inoffensive as it can be. Should I petition the YMCA to change their name or not?

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  1. "It's fun to stay at the YMCA!"