Saturday, March 12, 2011

Like Mary

Right now we are in the third part of the St. Louis de Montfort Preparation for Total Consecration.  When I was reading the introduction to it yesterday, I paused at the part where St. Louis lists the 10 principal virtues of the Blessed Virgin.  This being Lent and all, I thought it might be helpful to me and maybe others to post them here.  If we picked one a week to focus on, at least we could become familiar with over half of them before Lent is over:

1.  her profound humility
2.  her lively faith
3.  her blind obedience
4.  her continual mental prayer
5.  her mortification in all things
6.  her ardent charity
7.  her heroic patience
8.  her divine purity
9.  her angelic sweetness
10.  her divine wisdom

It is hard not to be intimidated by this list. Remember, however, that Mary is the most perfect human being created so try as we might, we will never come close; but also know that she is there to help and that all God asks is that we try.

While we haven't come close to "angelic sweetness" yet, the amount of complaining has been cut down dramatically by our Lenten bracelet campaign (okay, so it's only been 3 days, but I'll take it :).  Heroic patience seems to me to be the hardest of the list! Well, let's face it, they all seem pretty hard but that shouldn't stop us from picking something here to strive for!  Which one will you pick first???


  1. my family will be making our renewal on the feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - mar 25.

    your intentions will be in our prayers.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam

  2. Thank you for the prayers. They are always welcomed and needed :)