Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Waiting for Superman"

It is not often that I do a movie review, but we watched a movie this weekend that was phenomenal!  Not quite sure why I picked it, but I happened to be walking past a Redbox and it kind of jumped out at me! 

This is a 2 hour documentary on the state of the public school system in America.  Now I thought for sure no one would go for this, but we all sat down last night, at 8:30 no less, to watch it and it was fascinating.  Seems kind of weird that a bunch of homeschoolers would be interested in a documentary about the public school system, but we all sat there riveted by this movie.

I think it made us truly appreciate the gift of homeschooling and feel so sorry for the people who are caught in the system with very little chance of getting out.  It is absolutely reprehensible that bureaucracy can mess with the lives of children.  

Homeschooler, private schooler, public schooler...doesn't matter.  EVERYONE should watch this movie!


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  1. Laura...heard this is awesome. My son's girlfriend is in college for special ed and elementary education and just saw it last week. She definitely said it was a eye opener. I will have to get a hold of this one. Have a blessed day!