Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes on Mexican fiestas, dancing and graduation

Photography season is upon us...or at least upon me!  This week I had the honor of photographing a beautiful young lady in preparation for her Quinceanera.  What a lot of fun and beauty and pageantry; and OH MY, what a lot of work has gone into this event!!  How can you handle a wedding after this??  Well, anyhow, she is beautiful and, in my opinion, looks like royalty.

We took these pictures at a mansion near our home.  It has been converted into a place where you can have weddings and parties and such.  Can I just say that it is gorgeous and would be an awesome place for a wedding reception?  Unfortunately, the price...  We figured if you went middle of the road on food and had 200 people (which would be in the ballpark if we were to ever have a wedding), it would cost a mere $11,000 JUST FOR FOOD - that doesn't include drinks.  Not in the budget, that's for sure, but it still was a dream place.
After that it was a quick bite to eat and then off to photograph a local Mexican dance group.  Their costumes are very authentic and have such bright colors.  I also love how they do their makeup and the big eyelashes they wear - tre chic :)


Remember back at the end of April when I was lamenting about having to make this dress for Ms 15 yo?  Well, that's her on the left in the dress, however, I didn't make it.  I threw in the towel after a few days and called in a professional.  I didn't care how much it cost, this dress was giving me a headache.  It turned out great, it didn't cost that much and everyone (by that I mean Ms 15 yo and I) were happy.  As a side note, my friend made the dress that her daughter is wearing in this picture.  It blows me away, the talent that some people have!!

Next week is graduation for our homeschool group and this time around I only have one graduate. Mr 13 yo is graduating from 8th grade.  8th grade?  When did that happen?  So that's why he is growing out of his clothes faster than we can buy them!  I asked him if he had a shirt to wear that still fit him and he said yes he did, but I wouldn't be surprised if Tuesday morning we discover that it is too small!  The kid is growing like a weed!
After Tuesday our summer vacation starts.  I am not one to homeschool year round, more for my sanity than the kids'.  I will, again, be trying to keep up with minor stuff over the summer.  I say that every year and we get about a week into it and then don't think of it again till the end of August, but this year I'm hoping for something better!  It does not appear that we will have the crazy summer we had last year, so I figure there is hope.  We'll see...
Have a great weekend!  The weather around here looks like it will be nice and we'll be partying it up Mexican style so everything looks to be good!

God Bless!
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