Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Are You a Goal Setter?

It seems kind of fitting that my word for the year is Purposeful and this month I seem to keep running into things about setting goals.  I will admit that I have never been a goal setter.  I've really never seen the point in setting 5 and 10 year goals because that just seems too far out for me.  So much can happen in that time span that how can you even come close to knowing what God will want of you in that time frame. 

Alright, I can see setting goals like, "finish school and get a job in my field", but for whatever reason, I've just never been an official goal setter (the writing it down on paper kind of goal setter).  My husband says it is because I don't like to commit.  I'm sure it has something to do with my temperament.

Last week, however, I came across the book, "Living Well, Spending Less" by Ruth Soukup.  "What the heck," I thought, "let's order this and see what she has to say."  I expected the book to be more about the "spending less" part, but really it is split between the two topics, and, you guessed it, the first half is a lot about setting goals.

I've gotten through the first half already; the part about Living Well.  I've decided to take a short break from the book and, well, actually set some goals.  It took me a few days to process the whole concept, but I finally got to the point where I could set goals for this year in 10 different areas.  I just finished putting them down on paper and now am pondering how to break them up over the months of the year.  I can already see how the act of writing down your goals goes a long way towards actually meeting them.  The key now will be to keep looking at them so that I don't forget them.

Over the next couple of posts I hope to share with you my 10 areas and some of my goals.  Making them public will also help me to be accountable to them.  In case you are like me about the whole goal-setting thing, maybe this will help you, too.  First main goals at this point in my life!

God Bless!