Monday, January 19, 2015

My First 5 Goal Areas

Wow, we had a busy weekend and that seems to do a good job at throwing me off track.  My mind gets caught up in all that is going on, not to mention how tired I get, and it seems to take me a day or two to get back on the motivated band wagon.  Maybe that is why today just wasn't a very productive day.

When I sat down to think about what I wanted to try to accomplish this year, after my "main" goals, of course, I came up with 10 different areas that I wanted to work on.  Setting goals, like I said, doesn't come naturally to me, and sometimes I caught myself just making big to-do lists for an area.  For some areas, that is okay, but for others I tried to rethink them and make more specific goals instead.

The first five areas I want to focus on are:  Family, School, Spiritual, Health and Home.

I took these five areas and made some pretty specific lists.  Here's the gist of what I came up with.

Family - instead of getting to summertime and having us all scratch our heads about whether or not we're taking a vacation and if we can all get off the same week, I want to start early and actually plan something.  It might not even be big, but if we start now, it can definitely be bigger than doing nothing!  We're starting this month with a family meeting to discuss summer activities already on the calendar and then brainstorming ideas for vacation time.

School - my main goal for this semester is to get the kids' writing program organized.  The girls who have been teaching the highschoolers for the past 3 semesters aren't doing it this semester, so it is again up to me.  I'm aiming for at least 12 weeks of good writing.

Spiritual - one of the hardest things for me to incorporate from St. Ignatius' recommendations on a good prayer life is the daily spiritual reading.  Ugh.  I just can't force myself to do it.  In an effort to do something, I've decided to read one spiritual book every quarter this year.  Three months to read a book - I should be able to do that.  AND, it has to be a book I already have which I haven't read yet.  That makes my options very numerous!

Health - I'm staying on the Trim Healthy Mama wagon and working harder (since the backsliding during the holidays) to get another 10 pounds off.  I'm also getting back to weightlifting.  I'm starting with twice a week.

Home - ah, home decorating.  We desperately need a new mattress and some new couches, so it will take some saving and some good shopping to accomplish, but I hope to do that this year.

Not bad for a newbie, huh?  Really, I think writing them down (and now putting them out here for all to see) will definitely make me more accountable.  Each month I'm breaking the bigger goals down into bite-sized pieces that should be doable.  

Next up, my five business related goals.

God Bless!