Friday, January 16, 2015

My Main Goal

In the book, "Living Well Spending Less", the author talks about how she found it important to tackle her biggest, hardest goals first thing in the morning when she was still fresh.  For her that meant getting up earlier and putting in 90 minutes of writing time.

"But," I moaned to my husband after reading that, "by the time I have time to tackle any of my goals my brain is fried.  I mean...we get up, go to Mass and do school and by the time all of that is over with - there just ain't much left of my stamina or determination."  

Maybe you are more astute than I was, but after awhile of thinking like that, the Holy Spirit took a 2x4 to my head and got me to see that I AM tackling my biggest and hardest goals first thing in the morning.  By getting us to Mass every day, I'm providing for mine and my children's spiritual formation and welfare.  By making sure we spend our mornings homeschooling and not doing anything else, I am assuring that my kids are being educated.  I didn't see it that way at first, but eventually I realized that all of the other items on my list of goals is secondary to what was happening before noon each day.

Once that settled in, it made the rest of the goal-setting process easier for me.  All the rest is icing on the cake, so-to-speak.  If I get to noon and am still able to think, then great, I can tackle some of my other goals for the year!  If it has been an exceptionally taxing day, well then whatever is left can wait till the next day.

That being said, I still managed to come up with 10 areas of my life that I would like to focus on in some way or another this year.  I'll share the first five next time :).

God Bless!
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