Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Next Five Goals

Continuing on from yesterday, I made the last five areas of my goal setting business-related.  Yes, I have my hand in too many things.  I've thought about this, prayed about it and pondered my options, but I have realized that it just isn't clear enough to me to give any one of these areas up.  Given that, I've made goals for each one of them.

Catholic Homeschooling Resources - my website for homeschoolers.  Ah, there is so much I'd like to do here so hopefully I can accomplish some of it this year.  Every summer I have such dreams....Anyhow.  My main goal here for the year is to send out four newsletters (one per quarter) and add to and update my Highschool section.  I have some great ideas for that and just need to get them up live!

A Plan for Joy in the Home - My goal this year is simple:  sell more books than I did last year.  My main advertising avenue (besides the website) is word of mouth.  Won't you help me spread the word??

Homeschooling With Joy - yep, this place right here.  I love to write, but sometimes my mind is just blank.  My goal for this space is to try hard to remain consistent throughout the year.  I'm setting my sight on three posts per week - but only if they're meaningful...no fluff here (or at least I'll try).

The Goat Milk Soap Shop - I love this soap and it's the only soap we use so I just can't give it up!  My goal - increase sales over last year by being more consistent in the avenues I already have.  

Dominick Photography - like I say, "homeschooling is my life, photography is my passion".  Photography gigs increased a lot last year so I'd like to keep the momentum going.  More family photo shoots and more student/senior portrait shoots is where I'd like to aim (ha, no pun intended!).

Well that should keep me busy when I'm not busy with my other, more important goals (i.e. family and schooling).  I am super excited to see how things go.  I'll check in here occasionally and keep y'all updated.  I hope that these posts have inspired you to consider setting some goals. 

Now, on to the second half of the book, "Living Well Spending Less" - the spending less part!

God Bless!
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