Monday, March 9, 2015

Catholic Conference 4 Moms

Today is the final day for the Catholic Conference 4 Moms.  It has been four days filled with wonderful talks to refresh and rejuvenate your soul; which is always a great thing to do during Lent.  Have you had a chance to listen to a lot of the talks?  I sure hope so.

Unfortunately for me, this conference came at a time when I'd been out of town for a few days and had to be present to the family this past weekend.  This is why I AM SO GLAD that the conference organizers are offering all of the conference talks as downloads (along with discussion questions) for purchase.

It gets even better.  Not only will I (and you, if you so choose) be able to download all of the talks and listen to them at my leisure, but they're throwing in some free goodies, too:  a couple of ebooks and some mysteries of the Rosary templates (you can check it all out here!).

Want some more good news?  This package normally costs $39.99.  If you use the coupon code I'm about to share with you, you'll get all of this for $10 off ($29.99)!!

The code you can use is:


There you go.  You get $10 off and since I'm an affiliate I receive a small stipend for promoting it.  Not a bad deal for either of us, huh?  Don't forget to use your code.   You can order your package on this page.

I'm really looking forward to listening to these talks and I hope you are, too (if you haven't listened to them all already!).

Feel free to share this code with your friends.  And then, share the talks with your friends.  You can have a monthly or weekly moms discussion group where you could all get together and listen to a talk or two and then, of course, discuss them.  Or how about holding a mom's retreat and spend the whole day using various talks?  Sounds like a great idea; maybe I'll try to organize one :)

God Bless!