Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Cloud over the Tabernacle part II

Well after I was done with yesterday's blog post, I went on my usual rounds of the few blogs that I read. When I went to Mark Mallet's blog I read something that spoke to me. God usually does that to me...I write of the woes of not being able to speak to God directly or know His will and then, bam, He sends me something (usually in writing) that says "Ha, and you thought I wasn't listening!"

If you have never checked out Mark's blog I would suggest that you do so. He has some incredibly spiritual and, some might say, prophetic-like insights. Yesterday's post was all about how God is preparing us for a coming storm and how Mary is also here preparing the remnant for this coming "Great Storm" between good and evil. After reading his post I thought to myself...Wow, these past five months have not been one of trial but of preparation. Through all of the many situations that we have found ourselves in since Novemeber of last year, God has shown us how to detach and let go of so many things (I am sure that He is not done yet, either). I decided yesterday that I had to either transform this weight on my shoulders by looking at these situations as a blessing - God preparing our family a little at a time for this coming "Great Storm", or I would continue to transmit them. We have learned many lessons during this time, most especially how to trust God in EVERYthing: In our financial situation, in our relationships with others and in the day to day situations in our own home. We have been brought to the point (again) of being in situations that have no apparent solution. All we have left is to trust that God will show us the way out. I thank God for His wisdom in guiding my mouse to that blog post so that I could then choose to turn my complaining into thankfulness.

God Bless!