Friday, March 14, 2008

The Plague of Today

My mom was telling me today about a report she heard on the news that they (whoever "they" is) have found a name for a problem that plagues mothers of this century. She told me they were saying something about moms now-a-days who can't seem to remember things. Remember things? Really? Why is that, I wonder? Could it possibly be because people are always interupting them, or asking them questions when they are trying to type their blog or think about important things like what they need at the grocery store? Or could it happen because we are constantly being put into the situation of having to multi-task, like when we are talking on the phone and trying to listen to the important information being told to us but, hey, it is snack time, one of those life or death situations that must be handled immediately, so we have five children making weird contortions with their bodies trying to get us to make eye contact with them to ask if they can have their snack before they die of hunger? I bet it has somtheing to do with the fact that we are forever in the middle of scenarios where we are trying to teach something meaningful to our older children while at the same time trying to reprimand the toddler for hitting his sister with a spoon, while our husband is asking a question about a work related issue, and the phone is ringing! Well, you know what I think???? It's about time! I finally feel validated! I am not going crazy! The scientific community has given a name to something that has plagued me for at least the last two children (which, in non-mommy time is about four years). The name of this disease: Momnesia! There it is; profess it proudly. "Hi, my name is Laura, and I suffer from Momnesia. Please forgive me if I suddenly forget my name, or what it was I was saying to you!"

God Bless!


  1. Haha! My friend just told me about an article she read regarding this too :).

  2. Oh I have that too!