Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Tree That Yields Bad Fruit

I came across an interesting section in my "In Conversation with God" book this morning. The author was discussing the tree that yields good fruit vs. the tree that yields bad fruit. When speaking of the tree that yields bad fruit, he says,

"A State from which religion is banished can never be well-regulated. In it the phenomenon of laicism appears, with the desire of supplanting the honor due to God. A system of morality based on transcendent principles is replaced by the merely human ideals and norms of conduct. These inevitably end up as less than human. God and the Church become purely internal matters of conscience and the Church and the Pope are subjected to aggressive attacks, either directly or indirectly, through persons or institutions unfaithful to the Magisterium.

Not infrequently as a result of laicism the individual citizen, the life of the family, and the commonwealth as a whole are all removed from the beneficent and wholesome influence of God and of his Church. Then, day by day, the symbols and symptoms of those errors which corrupted the heathens of old, declare themselves more plainly and more lamentably. And all this in parts of the world where the light of Christian civilization has shone for centuries." (vol. 3 p. 662)

It sure sounds like the world we are living in today, doesn't it? So what are we to do? I find that it can be so easy to despair at times because things just seem to be getting worse and the trials are longer and harder to deal with. I know that we are to have hope and that in order to maintain that hope we have to keep up a strong prayer life and have frequent recourse to the sacraments. The author also says that

"...we Christians must respond generously to the call we have received from God to be salt and light wherever we may be, however limited might appear the field of activity in which we live our lives. We must show by our deeds that the world is more human, more cheerful, more honest, cleaner, the closer it is to God." (p. 663)

I believe we can also take heed the warning by Dr. DeMille that we must teach our children to become the future leaders of our country - people who will lead their small or large corner of the world with faith and morals.

God Bless!

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  1. Indeed, we ought to be prepared to try to turn things around. As my father says, my generation is the next generation. Either we'll be able to fix some things up, or we'll be taking the brunt of the war against religion. Though I do feel there is no hope for our situation. We live in a country set up by Protestant and FreeMasonic idealogy, and its becoming more and more difficult to actually live and practice your Faith as one ought to. Just look at the current push for Gay Marriage. And basically, you can't use your 'God Given Free Speech,' because if you do, they'll label it as hatespeech, and you as a 'homophobe.' There are even laws in place in certain countries which make it a crime to speak out against certain sins. So what hope is there for a world where sin is protected by law? This world needs lots of prayers, only God can turn things around.