Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More on Our Big City Wanderings

In our wanderings around the Big City this past weekend, we wnet into a beautiful old building that had "Chicago Public Library" engraved on the front of it. My daughter, being the incredibly voracious reader that she is, wanted to walk about the library and admire the huge number of books. So, while we were trying to find our way into the library, we admired the old building and wandered up to the fourth floor where we heard the incredible voices of the Chicago Children's Choir. From the sound coming out, we expected to find at least 100 youth in the room. To our surprise, we found about 40. It sounded heavenly - another one of those respites from all the other noise of the city. On our way out, we noticed these engravings on the walls of the building. I share them here because they fit with last week's discussions on reading and learning.

Still not having found any books, we went back downstairs to the information booth where I asked a kindly older gentleman how to get into the library. It was at this point that he tried, to his credit, not to laugh as he said that the library wasn't located at this spot. The city had outgrown it and moved a few blocks away. "Oh, when did that happen?" I asked. He replied, "Oh, about 1975." Oh well, a dose of humility is good for everyone, isn't it??? Shouldn't someone remove the name from the front of the building so as not to confuse other innocent tourists?
God Bless!


  1. Ah, Humility is lots of fun isn't it...Maybe you were meant to hear that choir! Chicago is lovely, and there are so many "interesting" pieces of public art! The Art Institute is pretty fun, too.
    The Pauline Book Store in Philadelphia has a chapel, too. Though it isn't as close to downtown. They have a wonderful birthday party for Baby Jesus every year, where you can dress up and have your picture taken with the Infant. We often use our pictures for our Christmas Cards!
    The "party" is usually the second weekend in Dec. It might be worth a trip into "town" this year.
    Thanks for all the great Thomas Jefferson Ed. posts. I agree wholeheatedly...especially about getting out of a screen-entertainment way of living! I am as guilty of this as my children are, I'm afraid. UGH, doing the right thing can be so HARD.
    Blessings, E

  2. Thanks for the tip about the bookstore. I'll have to check it out come December!