Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seeing God

I thought I would share a rather funny story that I heard about my brother-in-law and my nephew (who is 2 1/2 years old). Last week they were walking through their church on the way to talk to the secretary about my niece going there for pre-school in the fall. As they were walking down the hall, the conversation went something like this:

Nephew: Dad, I just saw God.
Brother-in-law: You did? Where?
N: Right there, He went around the corner.
BIL: Okay. (At this point they turned the corner and saw the priest, with white hair and a white beard, wearing a white vestment, in the hallway.)
BIL: Hey, do you want to go talk to him?
N: Only if you hold me! (They proceed to walk up to the priest and have a conversation. The priest asks him about the boo-boo on his forehead and N explains that he fell. They then walk away).
BIL: (N is in the process of being potty trained) N, do you have to go to the bathroom.
N: I already did.
BIL: When did you go?
N: When I saw God.

I personally think that my nephew just experienced something we might all experience when we see God face to face!!

The next day N told his mom that the boo-boo on his forehead was all better because God healed it. Oh, that we could all have the faith and simplicity of a child (as long as we can retain our bladder control!)

God Bless!

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  1. LOL at the bladder control comment!
    Lovely post. My Snorkie has been trying to receive Communion since he was @ two years old and completely non-verbal. When I told him that he wasn't old enough, he pointed to the huge crucifix over the altar, grunted, then pointed to his tongue and grunted again. He GETS IT...why can't adults?
    Blessings, E