Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol 9

Welcome to another version of 7 Quick Takes Friday thanks to Conversion Diary.


The homeschooling mother in me is struggling with a dilemma. Our annual Father-Daughter Ball is fast approaching. Each time one of the girls gets to be around 13, we sew a long dress for her to wear to the ball that year. This year I have a 13 year old that wants the dress (in fact, we've had the material since August so that we could sew it at a leisurely pace and not at the last minute :) but doesn't want to sew it. So what is a mother to do? Do I force her to advance her sewing skills and make her help me (a move that quite possibly could take all the fun out of it!) or do I sew it myself in peace and tranquility? After I pondered it a bit, I decided that I would sew it myself and then I could enter it in the county fair in the fall! At least then it would be a project that wouldn't be getting done at the last minute!


We are having a tea party today for about 12 ten year-olds. This is something the girls all look forward to when they turn 10. We don't do any other friend parties except for this one, so it is an event which is much anticipated; even by the three older girls who have already had theirs. I look forward to it more each time because there are more enthusiastic helpers every time we do it. It's nice to see such sisterly love once in a while.


The next one up to turn 10, however, is a boy. In his younger years he just couldn't understand why he couldn't have a tea party when he turned 10. I think he is now beginning to understand, thank heavens! I could just see those invitations going out to his friends...I was thinking that maybe a jousting party was more the order of the day for a bunch of 10 year old boys. You know, a good sword fight or two, eating some food with their hands and slurping juice from big mugs. I'm not sure I'll have too many enthusiastic helpers for that one...


There are times when I really like the internet. Like when you are trying to think of the name of a movie that you saw about 15 years ago and you can't remember it so you go to the computer and type into Google, "a movie about a dead guy at a beach house" and the first entry that pops up is "Weekend at Bernie's". How cool is that!


The other day over at Carmelitemom, Theresa's post was about whether or not we are too busy to notice beauty. It really is a neat story, so I'll send you to her blog to read it (check out the really beautiful picture she has in her header, too). If you are interested in the full story from the Washington Post, as well as a video, you can go here.


I found another great quote to share with you from that awsome book "Jesus Our Eucharistic Love". According to St. John Vianney, "Martyrdom is nothing in comparison with the Mass, because martyrdom is the sacrifice of man to God, whereas the Mass is the Sacrifice of God for man!" Ponder that for awhile.


And finally I was going to show you some pictures of these great scarves that we found at Wal-Mart. They're really big and very colorful and each of us girls has one. You can wear them in so many different ways, too. One mom I know said that her niece used it to cover up while nursing. So I was going to have pictures of each of the girls demonstrating a different way to wear these really nice scarves but then two things happened. 1. Three of my girls are not home at the time of this writing and once they are home, I won't be. I thought about putting them on the two boys but then 2. I realized that my husband took my camera today! UGH! Oh well, take my word for it, they are fun and versatile scarves and they are only $5. Such a bargain! Maybe I'll get it together for next week!

God Bless!


  1. I read back a few entries on your blog today and LOVED them. I am currently pregnant with Baby Four and over-the-top hormonal, so your two "Holiness and Hormones" posts were great for me. Thanks, and nice to meet you! :)

  2. #2 sounds so wonderful! How neat!

    And thanks for participating. :)