Friday, January 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

A little later than usual, but here we are again for 7 Quick Takes Friday, courtesy of Conversion Diary.


Yesterday as I was trying to get my post up about spiritual communions, I have to admit I was struggling. I had to leave the house by 10:40. It was already 10:30, the post wasn't done, I had two children waiting to ask me math questions, another one with a science question, a little one wanting my attention and another daughter who had to leave with me that wasn't ready yet. AAHH. Was sitting there telling all of them to wait while I finished my blog post the right thing for a mother to do? I hope so, and looking at the comments I'm glad I persevered. Hopefully my children can forgive me :)


In response to my post on our homeschooling plan, a friend asked me to mention that the most important preparation for the future is spiritual preparation. To that end, she recommended a website by the Cukierski family. They are a family that specializes in selling Catholic sacramentals. (hehe, when I first typed that I put sacraments instead of sacramentals. I'm glad I proofread!) They have a rather extensive list of items that might come in handy. Thought I'd give you the link in case you're interested. Besides, it's always nice to support a Catholic family business!


We received three Christmas letters in the mail yesterday (the 8th of January, mind you) and I had to laugh because all three of them said the same thing about how it may seem late for a Christmas letter, but, you know, the Catholic Church celebrates Christmas for more than one day. God is so good to us, He even gives us a good excuse to use to cover up our procrastination :)


I found this video about the periodic table. If you are familiar with the Pirates of Penzanz, you'll recognize the song. I showed it to my kids and told them that now they, too, had to learn all of the elements by memorizing and singing this song.


After we watched that one, my daughter told me about The Saint Song. It is a song someone came up with to the same tune that names over 100 different saints. Try memorizing and singing this one, too.


For any of you in the Chicagoland area, Miles Christi is holding their monthly Evening of Recollection tonight in Lemont, IL and tomorrow in Palatine, IL. If you've never been to one, or it's been a while, consider attending. It is a very beautiful and grace-filled evening.


On a lighter note, if you need a good laugh check out this link. It made us cry we were laughing so hard! Have a good day.

God Bless!