Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

I was just updating some stuff on my blog and I noticed that my current reading section has been the same for quite some time. It's true, I started reading the book "Jesus Our Eucharistic Love" about two months ago and I am still on page 13.

Actually, I find that I am in the first 1/3 of about 3 or 4 different books. I'm not quite sure why none of them have held my interest long enough for me to finish them. They are all good books, but maybe it's just that I can't seem to sit down long enough to get through to the end.

So, in reality, my current reading list should look something like this:

"Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love" - More on this one tomorrow

"Render Unto Caesar" by Charles Chaput - I got this one at the beginning of December and it is very good, I just haven't finished it yet.

"There We Stood, Here We Stand - 11 Lutherans Rediscover their Catholic Roots" by Timothy Drake - this book was given to me by a friend in response to the Lutheran pastor issue. I love personal story kind of books; especially conversion stories.

"The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1" and "The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2" both by Scott Kelby. I got volume 2 for Christmas from my husband so I had to naturally go out and find volume 1. These books are great for people like me: the author tells you how to take different kinds of pictures, he doesn't waste his time telling you why you should do it that way. Personally, the why of f-stops and aperture never made sense to me anyway. And besides, I'm not very much of a why kind of person. Just tell me how and that's usually good enough for me.

So there you have it, all of the books that I am currently reading. In an effort to at least try to finish them, I have inserted a mandatory 1/2 hour of silent reading into our school day right after lunch. This way, I will hopefully be able to get through them in more of a timely fashion. Of course, once I get these finished, then I can start on the other stack of books that have been patiently waiting to be read, too.

God Bless!

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  1. Laura The vol 2 vol 1 story cracked me up! Keep going on Eucharistic Love, it's wonderful and I've had so many people recommend it to me lately! Even 5 minutes in Adoration...God bless, Dolores H