Friday, February 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 12


My regular supplier of interesting little tidbits is out of town this week, so I thought I might try something different. Carmelitemom has been posting a gratitude journal lately, and since I need to get back into the daily habit of spending time being grateful, I thought I would dedicate today's Quick Takes to things I am grateful for. For starters, assume the obvious - like my family, my health, my faith...


I am grateful for incredible wisdom and a good reminder from St. Basil, "When you eat bread, do it giving thanks to Him who is generous. When you dress, give thanks to Him who graciously has given you clothing. When you contemplate the sky and the beauty of the stars, cast yourself at the feet of God and adore Him who with His wisdom provides all these things. In the same way, when the sun rises and when it sets, while you sleep and are awake, give thanks to God that He created and ordained all these things for your benefit, so that you may know, love and praise the Creator."


I am grateful for the desire, grace, ability and the gas money to get to Mass every day.


I am grateful for my formation group that meets each week. I have the privilege of meeting very early once a week with some very special women. It is always an uplifting start to the day (okay, except for a few weeks ago when I was seriously concerned about everyone because NO ONE said anything the entire hour and everyone looked so down I went home worse than I started!!! Hopefully it was nothing I said!)


I am grateful for the Catholic church. I was reading a report about the Underground Church written by a Protestant Minister and it made me appreciate the Catholic church even more. Not only are the priests in the Underground Catholic Church risking their lives to bring the word of God to people, but they are bringing God himself, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, in the form of the Eucharist. WOW!


I am grateful for the right to still be able to wear sleeveless shirts in America. You never know when they will take away our right to bare arms :) (or is that bear arms?)


I am grateful for Quick Takes Friday from Jen at Conversion Diary. It is an easy, fun way to see what's on other people's minds and I love having people stop in here for a visit, too. If you don't follow Jen's blog, I would suggest you check it out once in awhile. For a relatively new convert, she has some incredible insights into the faith.

Have a great day!


  1. I enjoy your quick takes and am inspired by your gratitude.

  2. Laura...Awesome! I especially love #2...the quote from St. Basil.

  3. I just wanted to thank you. Your St. Basil quote summed up something that had been on my mind this week and I wrote about it in my Quick Takes. God Bless