Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sanctifying my Sewing - NOT

I have come to the conclusion that there are certain types of fabric that should never be allowed near a sewing machine. Lets just say that I learned this the hard way. That sewing project I mentioned here, well, I'm glad that my daughter didn't help me because it would not have been beneficial for our mother/daughter relationship. I barely made it through alive; it would have been much worse for her :)

As bad of a time as I had, God was looking out for me. Yesterday, before I went down to tame the wild beast of fabric that made up the arms of the dress, I read my "In Conversation With God" meditation about sanctifying your work. It was a great meditation, unfortunately I didn't even think of applying any of it until I had already pulled half my hair out and grumbled at numerous children. Even once I did think about it, I wasn't able to really put much of it into play - I was too far down the grumpy road by then - but I'm thrilled to death that at least I THOUGHT about sanctifying the work at hand. I actually THOUGHT about offering up my struggles and frustrations, I even made a feeble attempt at it. Hopefully that counts for something. Baby steps, right?

Well, anyhow, the dress is mostly done. Hopefully later today we will add the final touches and I can include some pictures in my 7 Quick Takes Friday post. While I busy myself with that, you go and do the Know Your States game and tell me how you did. As of this writing (Thursday evening), 38 people visited my blog and only four people (other than my children - and I made them do it!) told me their scores. I'm looking for someone other than my 10 year old daughter who will admit to doing worse than I did. Come on, I dare you!

P.S. I just played again and got a 90% (with some help from daughter #3), but I'd still like to see if someone can "beat" my first score of 78%!


  1. my first score was 78%...but it would have been better if the darned thing wasn't so particular. I am letting my children have a go with it now. My second try was 82%, but I got Hawaii with a *huge* margin of error. Shelly

  2. Laura The dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! God bless !