Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Test Your Geography Skills

Let's carry on with that homeschooling theme, shall we? I mean, it is not often that I get more than one post in a week that has anything directly to do with homeschooling!

For those of you who think you know your geography, here is a great place to see how well you really "Know Your States".

I'll tell you that on my first try I got a 78% and my average margin of error was 46 miles. See how well you can do and then come back and let me know! (I mean that. I would like it if you would send a comment telling me how you did! Really!)


  1. 90% but it was totally because I'm good at puzzles and they gave me easy ones in the beginning. I don't know any of the New England area at all and I struggle with a lot of west of the Mississippi.

  2. HI I got 90% on the test!

  3. Hi! on the test i got 59%

  4. Here is what I got:

    Score 80%, Avg error 29 Miles, and Time: 185 seconds.

  5. 82% 46 miles average error

  6. First time:
    86% score
    Avg error - 19 miles
    Time - 294 seconds

    Second time thru:
    92% score
    Avg error - 9 miles
    Time - 251 seconds

  7. This was fun! The first time I got an 88% with an average error of 31 miles.

  8. I did it again and I got 94% this time! :)

  9. Laura...this was so much fun!! My 4 1/2 year old daughter can't wait to try it : ) She loves doing state puzzles. Anyway, I scored 82% with an error of 62 miles...those darn New England states...too darn tiny!

  10. 74%
    average error 106 miles.
    I will say that if this had been European countries I would have done much better.

  11. 94%
    4 Miles
    319 Seconds

    Not too bad, but it's hard placing Nebraska, exactly, when there is NOTHING next to it. :)Same goes for Utah, and Tennessee.

    Still had fun though. :)

  12. I got 100% first try in 314 secs.... no lie

  13. WE scored 92 with an avg. error of 17 miles. They must do it in a different order each time which could make it easier or harder. States WEst of the Mississippi are hard to drop in accurately without any reference point. It was fun though.The east coast was easiest since I have traveled from Vermont to Florida and could come very close without any other states to connect to. Laura B.

  14. i got 90% 25 miles 263 seconds
    On my first try

  15. Uh.. 4th, try?
    94%, 7 miles, 229 secs