Thursday, February 19, 2009

Systems of the Body Part II

Yesterday we finished up everyone's presentation except mine. Ms. 16 yo did her power point presentation on the skin and it was, indeed, very impressive. Full of big words that most of us can't even pronounce, let alone remember. We did learn some interesting things, though, about the biggest organ of the body.

Realizing that we had a bit more time before lunch, Ms. 5 yo took her position behind the table and announced that it was HER turn now. She picked up a book about the skeletal system and began to point at pictures and ask us questions.

Her first question was, "How many bones are in our feet?" Someone said, "27!" to which she promptly nodded her head and said, "Yes". The next question was, "How many bones in our hands?" Someone answered, "26!". Her response, "Yes, that's right." Even Mr. 3 yo tried to get in on the act. The "teacher" asked him where his small intestines were, to which he promptly replied, "Your chin". When she told him he was wrong, he slapped his knee and said, "OH man". And so it went on for about 20 minutes.

Towards the end, after we were laughing so hard at her gestures and seriousness that we couldn't stand it, she did the unthinkable - she assigned us all homework!

With her arm extended and her index finger pointing, she would call out a letter of the alphabet and ask what part of the body began with that letter. When someone would answer, she would tell them that they had to write a report on that thing. I think we ended up with reports being assigned on the mouth, the ear, the trachea, the rib cage and the salivary glands. She told us they were to be done for today and that we would be able to present them then. I haven't done mine, yet, I better get to it before I meet with her wrath.

As most homeschooling moms do at one time or another, I occasionally worry that Ms 5 yo has not learned enough for her age. You see, she has a cousin the same age who has been attending pre-school for the past three years, and of course there are questions about writing and alphabet memorization and such. As I think back over the events of yesterday, I rest assured that she is learning more than enough! AAAHHH, the fun of homeschooling!

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  1. Ha, and about 10 minutes after you left the house today, "Miss Bones" stalked up to Ms 13 year old and said, "(Name) You were supposed to do a paper about the hand today!"