Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Protecting Our Children Against Evil Forces

Is it just me, or have you noticed that kids are just different now than when we (those of you in the 40+ group) were young? My mom has noticed it, too. You know, after one of the kids would do something "interesting" she would say, "Where do they get that from? You guys never did stuff like that when you were younger." (And no, she wasn't commenting on my parenting skills :) I just figured that the evil in the world has increased dramatically since we were young and it has had some kind of an impact on our children.

So, anyway, today I was reading this really good book called "Get us out of Here" by Maria Simma with Nicky Eltz and it talked about this very topic. The author said that in the last couple of decades, the Exorcism Prayer that used to be part of the Baptismal Rite has been either watered down or entirely left out. She says that because this has happened, it allows evil to affect children more easily. In order to be fully protected, the author maintains that the Exorcism Prayer must be put back into the Baptismal Rite in its full form! I'm glad to see that I wasn't imagining things all this time!

She also said that the St. Michael prayer should be reinstated at the end of every Mass. She claims that by not saying it today, people's protection against evil is weakened when they leave the church. We have been saying it after Mass as a family for years now, but so far we haven't been part of a parish that has picked it up. I have to admit, however, to being in shock when, one Saturday morning at the Cathedral in our somewhat liberal Diocese, the people there prayed the St. Michael prayer as a group. It was very cool and I wish that other parishes would do the same.

This is an incredible book and I hope to bring you more pearls from it as I work my way through it. In the meantime, if you don't already do it, consider adding the St. Michael prayer to the end of the Mass you attend.


  1. Laura, Thanks for reminding me of that point. Holy Cross and another Priest we know keep the exorcism prayer in their baptisms. Now I know why! We say the St Michael prayer and the Guardian Angel prayer everytime we get in the car (especially with my driving). Also, when our youngest was getting ready to make her First Holy Communion, a priest friend told me (months prior) that I needed to say the St Michael prayer about 3-4 times per day. The evil one, he said, was not happy that the last family member was about to be brought to the Lord's table, especially since my husband had just made his First Holy Communion the year prior. I've passed this information on to many friends as their children/youth/husbands prepare to receive a sacrament. I also recently heard a Priest (from CA)on Relevant Radio talk about the time he was sent to Rome for exorcism training. He said NOTHING prepared him for what he learned and witnessed. He also said the more powerful demons were quieter. Can explain later. He's now called upon many times in CA. Love your blog, Laura. God bless YOU!

  2. Our Blessed Mother Mary urges us to protect our children by Blessing them daily with Holy Water and wearing of the Brown Scapular. This is also supernatural protection for ourselves along with wearing of the Crucifix. Be Blessed.