Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beauty of Faith

It always makes my heart ache when I think of all the people who cannot, or choose to not, see the beauty that faith brings into our lives. What an incredible gift and blessing it is for our family to participate in this journey with Emily. I am always blown away by the endless goodness of Our Lord! Here is the latest from Emily's mom. Grab your Kleenex, it's a tear-jerker (in a good way!).

What 72 hours and thousands of prayers can do to a 22 year old young woman is amazing. On Friday I sent an update that broke my heart. We were given such grim news by the doctor. Although we didn't understand God's divine plan we accepted his will.

Emily had been praying all night for a miracle. She asked Jesus to send her one if it was in his will. Friday morning we were getting ready to leave for home and my friend stopped by with a 2nd class relic of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassatti. He is incorrupt, which means his body never decayed after death. She told us he needs one more miracle and he could become a saint. Emily was so excited. Was this an answer to her prayer?

I called my "Family Priest" to come and pray the rosary with us. I love watching my littleones trying to impress Father with their Hail Marys and rendition of "Immaculate Mary". Father annointed Emily with the sacrament for the sick. We then prayed the prayer printed on Pier Giorgio's holy card. What happened next was truly miraclous.

All of you wonderful family and friends were lighting up the sky with prayers. We have been told of prayer groups storming heaven all across the country. People wrote us not to give up hope. We were told "God has the last say". One homeschool group had over 100 people praying the rosary for Emily this weekend. A wonderful man who is studying to be a priest fasted and prayed every hour for Emily (he is suffering from brain cancer) and sat in front of the blessed sacrament all during surgery. Many of you wrote to tell us that you stopped to pray for Emily during her surgery praying especially to Bl. Pier Giorgio.

After 2 hours we were called back to see Dr. P and face the news. He began by telling us he went to a Jesuit college. He said he had devotion to St. Ignatious Loyola. He said he hoped we didn't mind but he prayed before he began surgery. I said we were praying for him to be guided by God during the surgery. He said he cut a 12mm circle around the sore and 12mm deep wedge out of her tongue. I asked him if it were possible, could the cancer be gone for good. He said absoutely. I just started hugging him and everyone in the room started crying. He said the real miracle will be if the pathology comes back non-cancer. We hugged him again and thanked him.

Now what do you think the miracle is. Emily's healing/cure??? Yes partly. The real miracle was the thousands of prayers that were prayed for her. Little children on their knees praying their rosaries. Brothers on bikes talking to Blessed JP2. People wanting to go to confession. Whole church communities praying together. What does all of this mean?? FAITH We had faith in God's will. We believed God would hear us.

Emily got exactly what she asked for. A miracle. We saw true faith. That is our miracle.

We still resign ourselves to Gods Divine Plan for our family. Hopefully Emily will be the miracle that causes Blessed Pier Giorgio to become a saint. I completely believe she is. So does Emily.

But I will never forget all of you. Your love for our daughter. Your perservence in prayer. Your faith.

Thank You for being our Miracle that we were praying and hoping for. I know Heaven was lit up and our Angels were busy. Saints worked overtime and Blessed Mother was busy interceding on our behalf. Jesus just smiled and said your faith has healed you.

Well done My faithful friends and family. Well done.

Theresa, John, Emily and Family