Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Emily Update

Because this is such an urgent issue that needs many prayers, I am going to post another Emily update. Here is the email her mom sent this evening (Tuesday). Please pray for Emily and her family. Thank you.

Today was a very hard day. The doctors were saddened by the test result. The MRI confirmed a new cancer. It is already 1 1/2 cm big and growing. It has no clear borders which means it is not contained and spreading. This new cancer is near her bottom jaw bone.

We see the specialist tomorrow. Our Dr. will be speaking to him by phone during the consult. We are hoping surgery will take place early next week if possible. Every day counts with this cancer. Its aggressiveness is unbelievable.

I know everyone wants to know how much tongue will be removed. I really don't know that answer. Certainly we would like to keep as much as possible. However its recurrence rate is obviously not good. Emily may have to lose some of her jaw bone also. Tomorrow we hopefully should have some answers.

After surgery, our Dr. is also consulting with the head of tongue cancer research at Harvard University. We are looking at possible chemotherapy and if it would help at all. As the Dr.put it we want to try everything. Emily is truly fighting for her life.

Please pray that we can have surgery asap. Also that we can save some of her tongue. Emily is still in very good spirits. She is very scared and hoping for the best outcome.

I know everyone that reads this is shocked and saddened. We are too. This is one of those times when I am really at a loss of words. I will email you after the appointment tomorrow. It is at 3:30pm.