Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pathology Report News

One more "guest post" from Emily's mom. Keep on praying! I promise to blog about something else soon! Thank you for being so patient with me.

Hi to All,

We got Emily's pathology report last night from Dr. S. It was squamous cell cancer. The same type she has.

The great news is they got it all.

According to the MRI, it was a 1 1/2 cm ill defined tumor. When they biopsied it, it was only 1 cm and had defined borders.

That is a miraculous change right there.

They checked all the surrounding tissue taken with the cancer and it was cancer free.

So as of now Emily no longer has cancer. Dr. S said it may never come back.

Another miracle is how well she is talking and swallowing. She was talking right after surgery.

The doctors are still concerned because this is such an extremely aggressive tumor. It has a very high reoccurrence rate. (as we have just seen) Dr. S is contacting the top head and neck cancer Doctor at Harvard University to see if he has any ideas.

They feel Chemotherapy probably wont be effective. Radiation is no longer an option. Proton therapy wont help with this cancer either.

We will be seeing Dr. P soon and listen to his opinion.

However like I said, She is cancer free right now and that is a miracle. I believe it will never come back. Jesus made it possible to have all the cancer removed. He was guiding the surgeon's hand.

Emily, John, and myself feel so overwhelmed with love from all the prayers being said. I know many of you never met my daughter. But you prayed with such love. Jesus heard everything.

Last night as I was saying my evening prayers, I picked up a prayer card of St. Padre Pio. He said, "Pray, Hope, and don't worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear our prayers. Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God's heart. You must speak to Jesus not only with your lips but with you heart. In fact on certain occasions you should speak to him only with your heart."

Emily's faith has been unshakeable. While she suffers from surgery, she is already offering it up. Believe me, I wish I had even a drop of her faith. I can tell you she has never complained even once about her cross. She has born it courageously. She has never asked why me. She even said "why not me."

Our deepest gratitude for all your continued prayers. You are all prayer warriors for our family and we will never forget it.

It is the prayers of the people united that make us a holy people and it is the total acceptance of Gods divine will that make us his beloved children.

God Bless,
Theresa, John and Emily


  1. What a wonderful goose-bump testimony to the power of prayer and God. Thank you for posting about Emily -- I prayed for her, too! Great news!

  2. This is awesome...and really inspiring. Thanks for keeping us updated. I have been following.