Friday, January 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes


Wow, it has been a long time since I have participated in 7 Quick Takes and I'm having a hard time remembering how I used to come up with 7 random things on a weekly basis. I'm sure I still have as much to say, I just must have had more time back then to put it into somewhat coherent thoughts.


This past week Mr 4 yo made the connection between the fact that we have seven kids in our family and there are seven dwarfs in Snow White. The older kids, who had already made that astonishing connection, informed him of which dwarf everyone was. He has the honor of being Dopey. And an honor to him it is...he has so far insisted that at his 5 yo birthday we are to sing "Happy Birthday dear Dopey" to him and he walked out of church the other morning telling everyone his name is Dopey. Ah the innocence of children.

While I was looking for a picture of dear old Dopey, which I found at this Disney website, I came across a description of Dopey's personality:
Dubbed "Dopey" by his brothers, this loose-limbed dwarf has never spoken a word; as Happy explains to Snow White, "He never tried." But Dopey isn't really dopey, he's just childlike. Is it dopey to try and steal a second and third kiss from Snow White on your way to work, or to make yourself tall enough to dance with her by climbing on Sneezy's shoulders? Not at all. Dopey's a genius at fun and games (and a whiz at the drums to boot). He just doesn't mind looking silly along the way. So what if he wiggles his ears and shuffles his feet to his own skippity-skip beat? He's simply being himself, and that's pretty smart.

I had to laugh because it fits Mr 4 yo pretty well! He loves to give me multiple kisses, he doesn't mind looking silly and he definitely walks to his own "skippity-skip beat". Funny how that worked out!


We had our annual Father Daughter Ball last weekend and I had the honor of taking pictures. What a great time. What struck me the most as I sat there later and edited the pictures was that all of these girls, dressed in their finery and dancing with their Fathers, are beautiful. What's more, it comes across in the photos, not so much in their physical beauty, but in the joyfulness that radiates from their eyes and their smiles. Purity and modesty are beautiful!(and sometimes, even a little goofy :)

(Can you tell they are all part of the Little Flowers Dance and Theatre Troupe?)


College update - Ms 17 yo has been accepted to the school of her choice and so now we await the tax returns so that we can enter into the next phase - the FASFA forms. I trust this will all work out the way God intends...


We've been jumping around here lately. In addition to the usual school, I've partnered with a friend of mine who makes awesome soap and has chickens that are laying profusely, so we've been helping her market her soap and her eggs (leave a comment if you're interested in a soap brochure). I've been acting as a "consultant" to the three eldest girls as they work on a major project for their Little Flowers club: they're putting together a unit study but I think I'll wait to reveal what it is about!! In our spare time, my husband and I have been looking into changing some things around on my website and adding a feature that will allow visitors to contribute their experiences and stories. I am so excited about that as I think it will add a lot to the site. No wonder I can't think of anything to blog about. There is no room left in my brain to think of things!


Well, I know you've all been anxiously awaiting the news of my first "dear" dinner. Last night we had tacos with venison and the consensus was that they tasted like.....tacos. There you have it. Nothing bad, nothing gross, nothing gag-like. All that worry for nothing. Okay, so they were a little bit chewier than a regular beef taco, but beyond that we all liked them. Next week....BBQ venison in the crock pot. Have a great weekend!