Monday, January 11, 2010

Always Moving, Going Nowhere

Does this sound like you, too? I'm still trying to figure out what precisely is going on. After our crazy November/December, I felt like my body was craving a schedule again. I got the schedule set but have yet to fall into it. It's been acting kind of like a trampoline: I try to step into it and I bounce right back out.

The worst part is that my while my must-do list keeps getting longer, I feel as if I'm getting nowhere. My mother-in-law was over the last week to see the new house and she pointed to a nice cozy corner by our book shelves where we have two nice, comfortable-looking chairs set up.
"Oh, that looks like a nice place to sit," she said. It was at that point that I realized that I had never sat there.

So what is going on? My feet hit the ground in the morning and I collapse into bed at night and I wonder what it was that I was actually able to accomplish?

Everyone up and dressed? Yes.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes.
Beyond that? I have no idea.

It is times like these, when I am getting so frustrated with running in circles, that my Guardian Angel taps me on the shoulder and whispers, "Remember what your mother said." AH Yes, the sage advice my mother gave me back in college when I would call her and lament about how completely overwhelmed I was with everything.

"Write it all down on a piece of paper," she would tell me time and time again.

So today, that is what I began doing. I have a spiral notebook where I try to write down all the important stuff, so in there I have my "Things I Must Do Very Soon" list going. Then I went a step further and made a note pad out of scratch paper. At the top of each page I wrote one day of the week; and then I started writing down EVERYTHING that I must remember to do on that day.

For example, today's list included:

~ the names/pages of the papers I had to photocopy
~ the "consequences" I had dished out to my son (I always seem to forget those:)
~ phone calls I had to make
~ appointments we had
~ school items that I needed to do
~ things from my "list" that I felt I could accomplish today

And you know what? It made a difference. I was able to keep on track and I actually can see that I accomplished things today. As of this writing, I only have three things left to do! Not too bad, since they're relatively quick items to accomplish. Thanks, Mom, for being so wise!

So let this be a little tap on your shoulder, too. If you've been feeling like I have - you're always moving but going nowhere - take a few moments and write down everything you can think of that you feel you need to do. Then, take a deep breath and break it down into smaller chunks. Start with the things you have to do on certain days, and then look at what is left and see if there are times when you can fit some of them in. I think you'll be amazed at how much this helps.

Now at the top of tomorrow's list is: Call Mom and thank her!


  1. I needed this tap on my shoulder. Really, really needed it. So thanks, thanks, thanks!

  2. Great! I was really hoping that it would help at least one person. Sometimes all you need is that little reminder :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Excellent reminder! I am such a list-maker, too, always have been, and that makes me wonder -- who inspired me to be this way? I would have to also say, my Mom! She always had a "to-do" list written out -- she also was/is a meal-planner, a packing-list planner, and even a fun-things-to-do planner! I, too, feel much more calm when its written down. I also like the concept of lists, that, you can write something like "Do the Laundry" next to "Read a story with the kids", and pick which one to do first. ;-)