Saturday, January 30, 2010

Emily's Good News

The sun is shining here, finally, and even though it is still cold, it feels so good to have the warm sun beaming down on my face! Mr 4 yo had the nerve to ask me to shut the drapes because it was too sunny in the room! Take a hike buddy, it's time to sunbathe.

Anyhow, since everyone always likes good news, I thought I'd share excerpts from the latest email from Emily's mom. Get your Kleenex ready and thank God for His goodness.

Start the cheering and lets celebrate Gods incredible mercy. Emily got her PET scan results today. They were PERFECT. No cancer anywhere. We can finally shout We Got a Miracle!!! We had to patiently wait for this final test. Boy patience is not my strong point. As a matter of fact, if you pray for patience, God does not just suddenly make you patient. No, he gives you lots of opportunities to help you learn patience.

This is one story I never knew I would write. It is a story about a young woman, my daughter's, courage and faith. It is a story that made us laugh and cry all in one paragraph. From fruity pebbles to ethyl shots my dearest Emily, you have been an inspiration to us all. We could only cheer for you on the sidelines, while you ran the race. I didn't know that this would be the race of your life. I remember you told us that if you could give one person a reason to believe in God, your suffering was all worth it. Well my dear, I believe you got your wish. You changed my life forever. Just when I thought I had already changed so much since my youth you helped me grow in 1 short year. My greatest lesson was patience. I wanted you to be better right away. I had to learn patience. Next, I learned about humility. I learned to let others take care of me and not try to do it all myself. Finally, I learned to trust. I had to walk my faith. I couldn't just say I believed. I had to really believe. I had to love Jesus even if it meant losing you. He really became my best friend.

I believe you gave hope to a lot of people. I think many people reading this will remember your courage. When difficult times come, maybe we will not fear but instead remember to simply trust and believe. Emily, in your darkest hours, you never stopped looking towards Heaven. Now Heaven is looking down at you. They are watching to see what wonderful things you will do with this second chance you have been given. We will all be watching and cheering for the girl who never stopped believing.

Now Emily, Go change the world. I believe in you and I love you.

See, I told you you'd be crying. Have a great weekend and give your family an extra big hug!