Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Deer - The Frozen Chapter

FYI, This post is part of an ongoing series about our family's seeming obsession with deer...
There is a deer in my freezer!

(I think it is important that you know that no one in our family, other than my husband, has ever eaten anything wilder (more wild?) than a turkey.)

My husband cannot figure out what has come over me. He brought the various edible parts of the deer home to our freezer this past Friday and I have been a nervous wreck ever since!

Why, you ask??? Well, it might have something to do with all of the varied and strong opinions I've heard from people about the act and art of eating venison. Let's see, some words that stand out:


I don't know, those might have something to do with it. How about this:

"If there's venison in that lasagna you're making, I'M NOT COMING."

"Are you putting venison in the lasagna? Did I tell you we can't make it for dinner?"

These people were willing to forgo Ms 14 yo's birthday dinner because they thought I might be putting deer meat in the lasagna! I had to promise (something I rarely do) that I would not do that.

So here I sit, realizing that I've run out of ground beef and knowing that this coming week I have to cook this stuff, but paranoid that I'm going to screw it up big time and everyone is going to run away from the table gagging and we will have to go hungry rather than eat the rest of the meat that is in our freezer!

I would certainly appreciate your prayers this week :)

Anyone know the patron saint of terrified cooks?


  1. Mother! You haven't even tried it yet!

    *A Special Note from Your Psychologist Wanna-Be Daughter*
    If you tell yourself that it will taste awful, if you visualize yourself gagging, then when it comes time to eat it your mind will already be predisposed to hit the "Gross!" reaction button and your taste buds will react accordingly.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Being my son-in-law is an avid bow hunter. He began bringing home venison right after their marriage. At first my daughter would scirmish at the thought of trying to cook it let alone eat it!
    While visiting them, I made a venison meatloaf and a venison roast..I have to say it was pretty good.It even seemed leaner than most beef. Now my daughter has the butcher make sausage out of it and makes venison whenever the boss brings it home.

  3. +JMJ+

    What a coincidence! I just found this recipe for venison last week:

    I hope it's of some help. =)