Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes May 25, 2012

--- 1 ---

Ms 20 yo decided to dye her hair last weekend.  She ordered some henna dye and wanted to go a reddish color; problem is she asked me to put it on her head.  Like I know what I'm doing...I've never dyed my hair before and she was trusting me to apply it correctly.  The pressure was unbearable.  If I messed it up, I would have to look at the consequences for weeks, maybe even months.  Well I'm happy to say that, for the most part, I did okay for the first time.  

--- 2 ---

Have you seen this yet?  It is absolutely adorable, and quite funny, too :)


--- 3 ---

We've been keeping track of things we are thankful for each day.  This has been very helpful and the kids have been in they don't put down the same thing every day.  I also try to be thankful for both the good and the not so good things each day, which is why yesterday I wrote back pain.  While I'm not very happy about it, it sure does make me appreciate the ability to move around freely!  I also made sure to put down my chiropractor's name next to that!

--- 4 ---

We've still been having some great fun with the photo a day challenge. It will be somewhat disappointing when it is over.  I think it has really stretched our creativity and you can also see the technique improving as the days go by.  If you'd like to catch up on some of the categories and pictures we've taken, you can go here.

--- 5 ---

Summer break is almost here and the excitement is building.  Not only do we have a family wedding in July, we will also be hosting the Fairy Tale Novels Get Together.  If you've never read Regina Doman's books, this summer would be a great time to dive into them. We usually let the kids read them once they hit 13. The Get Together is a chance for some of Regina's fans to meet in one place for four days and do workshops and fun things with Regina and her husband Andrew.  Should be loads of fun!

--- 6 ---

Speaking of summer, I am not at all encouraged when I look at my calendar and see that there is literally some event or activity on every weekend between now and the end of July.  This will make for an incredibly speedy summer and will not allow for any camping weekends.  I've got my eye set on August, though, in the hopes that we'll have one free weekend before it is time to start school.

--- 7 ---

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  God Bless the people who have served our great country.  We will be trying to stay cool as temperatures are expected to be over 90 for the weekend.  I guess it's better than cold and rainy!


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