Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes May 4, 2012

--- 1 ---

Well it's been a week now and I think I'm getting the hang of Pintrest.  I'm actually enjoying it and since I stick to later in the day for looking at it, it isn't sucking up my productive time.  I have lost a bit of sleep, however, on a few occasions.

--- 2 ---

My daughters and I are doing a photo challenge where you take a photo a day for the month of May for a given theme.  So far we've had peace, skyline and what you wore today as our themes.  My picture for "what you wore" proves I can't be creative every day, but my picture for "skyline" I thought was pretty cool:

--- 3 ---

I had taken a few skyline shots but wasn't too thrilled with them when I happened to look in my side view mirror and saw this.  I love being inspired!  And this is the kind of skyline I like - wide open and uncluttered!
--- 4 ---

 I have two girls who are currently looking for part time employment.  While doing this we have discovered two things.  1.  Everyone wants to hire someone with experience and 2.  No one wants to talk to you in person...go to their website and fill out an application, please.  Both are very frustrating for them (and me).

--- 5 ---

We had wonderfully, warm weather here today.  While some people reached for the air conditioning switch, we reached for the knobs to finally open all of our windows.  I am definitely a window person and only an air conditioning person when the humidity gets too unbearable.  To top off a great day, we ended with some warm weather thunderstorms.   They can be so peaceful (when kept under control, of course).
--- 6 ---

I saw on Pintrest this evening a photo with the caption "unconventional times to pray".  One person responded "the shower", which is definitely a good one for me.  I also like to pray and think things through while I cut the grass.  We have a riding lawnmower and a good set of ear mufflers so I can mow and think and mow and pray to my heart's content.  It is very soothing to the soul.  I got a chance to do some of that this evening (before the rain came :)
--- 7 ---

First Communion season starts for us this weekend.  We'll be headed off to one on Saturday and one next Saturday.  Sunday is a much needed day of rest!  Hope the weather is nice.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. Love pinterest, and discovering a love of photography:) No.4 - found the same thing too.