Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garage Sale

Last week we held a 3 day garage sale that was really a yard sale because our garage is at the back of our house and would have been impossible to see from the road.  As it was we had a hard enough time attracting attention because the nearest town was having their "town-wide" garage sales and we are north of town.  I figured it was a gamble having it at the same time, but we live on a busy road so I thought that might help.  Lucky for us the weather was on our side.

Thursday was slow in the morning but picked up a bit in the afternoon.  The kids came up with the idea of standing near the road with a sign and trying to wave people in.  We found some "decorations" and sent them out to give it a whirl (don't worry, we had some big kids with them, too).

 This lasted for awhile but then they got tired and moved on to other things.  The next day came and we tried to shoe them out their again.  Well, they were lacking the enthusiasm of the day before and it had gotten a little warmer out, so Ms 8 yo used her knowledge of marketing that she's learned from her dad and came up with this idea!

How exciting it is to see your kids solve a problem in a unique way.  We had people stop by who said they loved the deer.  We thought it looked pretty darn good, too.  It's not often you see a decked-out deer in a field as you're driving down the road! 

Three stars for Ms 8 yo for the day.  Her idea solved a problem (it meant they didn't have to stand out in the sun for extended periods of time waving a sign), it brought in customers and it was creative.