Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Sept 7 2012

--- 1 ---

Today (Friday) is my birthday.  I've found that the way to always feel young is to have many friends that are older than you by a good couple of years.  Most of my friends are 50+ and I am happy to say that not.  Any discussions about age with them always make me feel good.  The other day some friends were discussing the year they got engaged, which happened to be the year I graduated from GRADE school!  Gotta love it!
--- 2 ---

I've really come to enjoy my early mornings since I developed a love of coffee.  Every morning after I shower and dress, I make myself a nice cuppa joe and sit in the rocker in my room.  

It is here that I say my morning prayers and think about the day ahead.  I must admit that sometimes I spend far more time than I should there because then breakfast is off to a late start and we end up rushing out the door to Mass.  Oh well, it is a very peaceful routine that I look forward to every day.


--- 3 ---

Something else I've been looking forward to are the grapes that have been growing on the vines in our yard.  I've been watching their progress all summer and couldn't wait to pick them so we could make some more awesome grape jelly.  I went out earlier this week only to discover that EVERY SINGLE grape was gone from the vines.  Last year we picked about this time and had about 6 pounds of grapes.  Only thing I can figure is that they ripened a bit early (I only took my eyes off them for a short while, I swear) and the birds got to them before I did.  We've been mourning our lost jelly.

--- 4 ---
On a more positive note, the pear tree in our front yard, whose branches are bending low due to the number of pears on them, look much better than they have in past years.  Whatever disease or bug has gotten to them in the past must not have liked the warm, dry summer we've had.  These are late ripening pears so I look forward to eating some in a couple of weeks.

--- 5 ---

I have avoided upgrading my computer for the longest time because I just really liked Windows XP and didn't look forward to learning something new (I know, that made me sound old :).  I heard horror stories about Vista and was afraid of Windows 7 but now that I was pretty much forced into an upgrade and have had time to work with it, Windows 7 isn't that bad.  I'm just not sure if the reason why my cursor jumps from one spot to another spot while I'm typing is a Windows thing or a laptop thing.  Anyone else have that problem (besides my daughter, who also can't figure it out)?

--- 6 ---

The other morning, my daughter and I were sitting on the patio tackling math.  I thought maybe a change of scenery might help her.  All of a sudden I heard a loud buzzing in my ear.  Me being me, I yelled, jumped up and waved my hands around...see we have these HUGE horseflies around here that sound like a plane landing on your head, so I'm a bit buzz shy.  Turned out the thing that was buzzing me was a hummingbird.  It was close enough to my head for me to hear the beating of its wings.   We've noticed this guy flying by a few times a day to visit our flowers, so it must have been my bright yellow shirt he was attracted to.  One day I'd love to get a picture of him.

--- 7 ---

Our boys have their Blue Knights camp out this weekend.  My son was hoping for cooler weather so that he could wear the new camo pants he bought.  I think a low of 50 degrees should be good for him!  Have a great weekend everyone!

God Bless!

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  1. I also have the problem of my cursor jumping when I am typing. Very, very frustrating. It happens to me in word and typing a blog post in blogger. If you find out please let me know.