Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Mish Mosh of Things

I feel like writing this evening but I just don't know what the topic should be.  Ever felt that way??  

Should I write about how well our schedule seems to be working for us?  Even today when we went to noon Mass instead of morning Mass, we were able to shift things up and still get everything done in a timely fashion.

How about the fact that things have been going well attitude-wise until today when my daughter hit her first Bridge in Life of Fred math?  I don't know what those bridges ever did to her, but she just sees the word and her brain instantly shuts down.  Can't seem to help her through it, so she'll just have to decide for herself that she wants to "move on" in the proverbial sense.  In the physical sense, she has no choice...she must move on...even unhappily.

Or what about the research I'm doing on Blessed (soon to be Saint) Kateri.  She was an absolutely fascinating holy person.  I read about her day-to-day level of holiness and it blows my mind; thus reinforcing once again why I am not a saint :)

But then I remembered that tomorrow is only Thursday, and if I write too many random things, then I will have nothing left for my Quick Takes on Friday.  So I will quit now and go beg St. Anthony for the 100th time to let me in on the secret of where my concordance is.  I have looked for that book everywhere and it is not to be found. 

God Bless!