Sunday, September 30, 2012

The War of the Vendee

We had the opportunity to see this movie today.  "The War of the Vendee" is about the Vendee region in France during the French Revolution.  It was here that a large group of faithful Catholics who didn't want to see their religious freedoms taken away, their priests killed and their churches destroyed  organized a militia to overtake the Revolutionaries. 

The movie was 90 minutes long so things had to be condensed, but overall it was a very good movie.  Did I mention that all of the actors are homeschooled youth?  It takes a bit to get used to who is supposed to be an adult and who is supposed to be a child, but they did an incredible job with all of the acting and directing.  It was a very well done film. 

The music was professionally done and written by a professional Catholic composer.  It really adds a lot to the movie.  I have to say, though, that during the fighting scenes, every time they showed this one sequence, the music started off like "Pirates" music so I kept expecting to see Jack Sparrow.  

Overall, this was a great, and timely, movie.  Just like "For Greater Glory" it really makes you think about what a revolution would look like in this country.  I wonder how faithful Catholics here would band together and unite to stand up for God?

The trailer has a wonderful statement that really gets you thinking,

"If everything you know, if everything you love, if everything you hold sacred is taken from you, what would you do?"

If you get the opportunity to view this on DVD, take it!   It will be worth your time.

God Bless!