Monday, September 3, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Joining in with the women over at Sucipio!

 Moments of Grace:

* Fun conversations with my daughters on facebook.  I'm sure we annoy everyone else, but they sure do make us laugh.

* Great friends, good laughs and the opportunity to spend some fun time together.  God is so good to send us such good friends.

Beauty in the Ordinary:

* The ordinary rhythm of the days.  It is nice to not be so hectic and see your days flow peacefully one to the next without huge interruptions and disruptions - at least for the time being!

In the Kitchen:

* It's a holiday, so that means burgers on the grill (which technically isn't in the kitchen :) with some french fries, lemonade and banana splits for dessert.  The rest of the week is ordinary fare, though I'm trying to figure out some meals that are "clean" and inexpensive.  Quite the task.


* For my friend's niece who committed suicide, and for her family.  For a family fleeing for their lives in Syria - a mom and her children hoping to meet up with her husband in Damascus.  Praying we never have to face anything like that in this country.


* Why the message coming across my radar lately is all about trusting in God and having confidence in Him.  Every where I go, everything I read - that is the message.  Maybe it is because I should really try to do it!  Pondering how.


* Picked up the book "I Believe in Love" and hoping to get through the entire book this time.  It seems like it might be my time to read it.

* "Kateri Tekakwitha - Mohawk Maiden" in preparation for my new unit study.

Looking Ahead:

* To a relatively open schedule this week - YIPPEEEEEE!  

* To my birthday at the end of the week.


My daughter's prize flower - as she so perfectly labeled it!

Have a wonderful Day!

God Bless!


  1. So beautiful...EVERYTHING!

    I love this first week of school and NO appointments.

    And your Labor Day meal sounds like just plain fun.

    Keeping your intentions in prayer.

    We are getting read to do some *Life of Fred: Edgewood* : )

  2. Thanks Theresa! Enjoy your holiday and have fun with Fred :)