Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grab Your Spiritual Weapon!

With all that is going on in this country right now, many people are talking about grabbing their weapons and hanging on tight to them.  So much is at stake that you better be sure to grab your spiritual weapon, too:  the rosary.

The rosary is such a powerful weapon that it must not be forgotten, and even if rosaries get outlawed, you'll still have your ten fingers!  How good God is that He even made it easy for us to keep track of the decades without needing something tangible.

I belong to a mom's group on facebook and the topic of praying the rosary came up.  It is always so wonderful to see how and when other moms pray.  There were so many interesting ideas and ways in which busy moms make sure that they get their decades in every day.

In our house, we pray the rosary as a family every night.  Sometimes it's ugly, sometimes people fall asleep (okay, usually it is the same person, but we won't name names :), sometimes kids get admonished for not participating or for playing with Legos, and yes, it can be hard, but we do it!

Many times we take advantage of being in the car together without many distractions, other than driving, of course.  We pray the rosary on the way to church on Sunday morning.  Our drive is long enough that we are usually finishing as we pull into the parking lot.

Some of the other moms in the group talked about how their spouses aren't Catholic and they need to pray their rosary during the day when their husband is at work so they carve out some quiet time in the early morning or pray with their kids during the school day.

Many of the moms break their rosary up and pray it one decade at a time throughout the day whenever they have a few minute break.  That's a great idea because then you can get into the "praying all day" mentality and recollect yourself.  

People pray with CDs (my favorite is "The Rosary is a Place" made by my good friend Simonetta!), with DVDs, and there's even this online site where you can see how many others are praying with you at the same time!  How cool is that!

It is so important right now to reconnect with you Mother if you have not done so in awhile, or ever!  Lent is right around the corner.  If you need to use that to get you started, then do it.  Consider jumping in with both feet and committing to praying one set of mysteries every day through Lent.  As one mom said, she just asks the Lord to find her the time in her day to pray her rosary!  Believe me, that is one prayer that will be answered.

If you are a veteran rosary pray-er, God bless you and keep up this all-important work.  If you have any other suggestions or would like to share how you pray the rosary, feel free to comment.

May God have mercy on us all and may His Blessed Mother protect us under her heavenly mantle.

God Bless!