Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Lego Adventure..

The evening plans hung in the balance, a constant monitoring of the radar to indicate if the storms that were predicted would actually come to fruition.  A last minute decision would have to be made...would we still go to the Lego Store to use the Christmas gift cards or not????

We needed to leave by 4:30 because we would first be taking Ms 17 yo to her ballet class.  It was 4:10 when I realized that Ms 20 yo was in bed, asleep, because of a bad headache brought on by the approaching weather.  Hmmm, it was her turn to make dinner.

Quickly, with no time to spare because we were going to make a dash for it through the rain drops and to the car in 20 minutes, I called all available hands to the kitchen to chop, saute, pour and stir; we had a pot of soup to put together before we left.

In 20 minutes everything was in the pot and beginning to warm.  The bread was almost done in the machine and jackets and shoes were on; we were ready to go.  The rain wasn't too horrible as we began our journey.  We reached our ballet destination no worse for the wear, but looked warily at the clouds up above.  As we turned onto the road we needed to be on, the rain became more persistent, so much so that within a few miles I really couldn't see where the road was.  You know, nighttime, hard rain, oncoming lights...they don't make for a good combination with my eyes.  Finally I called it quits and turned the car around, announcing that no Lego was worth all of this.

Mr 7 yo said he was disappointed.  "You know, Mom, this is really the first time I've ever been heartbroken."  Really?  Thanks, son.  My response, "Well, son, could YOU see the road ahead of us?"  "No, so I guess it's okay.  There is always tomorrow night!"  Son, we live in the Midwest.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow!

God Bless!