Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes May 31 2013

--- 1 ---
I finally got to go pick out my Mother's Day present with the kids this past Monday.  We picked out some flowers to plant and then we saw this hanging beauty.

I'm really hoping that it will attract the humming bird we've seen around lately.  We have it hanging outside our patio door by the kitchen table for good viewing.
--- 2 ---

This is an anniversary gift from friends of ours!  I cannot tell you how cool this is.  We always talk about gardening but either don't do it or do such a pathetic job of it that we don't produce much.  Our friends, on the other hand, love gardening and coming up with creative ways of doing it.

These are self-watering buckets filled with all kinds of goodies.  Even the bins that look like just dirt have potatoes, onions, carrots, radishes and soon to have beans.  We can keep them on our patio, water them once in awhile and reap the benefits.  Now this is my kind of gift and my kind of gardening!!
--- 3 ---
Here's a picture of the awesome pita wrap we had for lunch the other day. 

The older girls and I have been doing a 5 day program through Turbo Fire - low calories/high intensity workouts.  This is one of the lunches they had in the program and it was awesome; although I really am not a fan of alfalfa sprouts (or hair on my sandwich as one daughter put it).  I love these yummy, healthy alternatives to the lunch-drudgery we're used to :)

--- 4 ---

I was doing fairly well on this program until I threw my back out.  Apparently my body can't take two high-intensity-throw-your-body-around-the-room-at-warp-speed type workouts in one day.  By the time I went to bed that night I knew I was in trouble.  Oh well, I'll stick to the weight training DVDs and alternate these in there on occasion just for the fun of it!
--- 5 ---

I just hope I'm back on my feet by Sunday as our parish is having their annual Corpus Christi procession - 2 miles around town with the Eucharist.  We participated last year and it was beautiful.  Someone suggested my hubby push me in a wheelchair, but then I remembered that he, along with most of the older kids have some form of "job" during the procession so that would leave me in the hands of Mr 8 yo.  I think I'll walk!
--- 6 ---

Switching gears here.  I had the opportunity to preview an ebook on prayer written by the lovely Carol at Simple Catholic Living.  I was excited to read it because I was hoping it would be a nice compliment to the section on prayer in my book and I was right! You can get my book here and her book here.  Thanks Carol!
--- 7 ---

Busy weekend with a bridal shower, a graduation party, a Eucharistic procession then followed up by a Confirmation and a Graduation.  Oi vey I hope my back is up to all of the festivities!  Have a peaceful and blessed weekend.

God Bless! 
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  1. I love those self-watering buckets! What a cool (and creative) anniversary gift. Of course, I always forget my anniversary so there is no opportunity for anyone to get me anything, but I digress. Let us know how those work out for you. I'd love to give those a try if you have success with them. Great list!

  2. Thank you for mentioning my eBook, Laura. I hope your back feels better soon!

    (P.S. I notice you have a link to Mark Mallett's blog on your sidebar. I love his blog, too!)