Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holy Heroes - Inside the Sacraments

I had the wonderful privilege of reviewing a copy of the first DVD in the new series called "Inside the Sacraments" by the gang at Holy Heroes.  About half way through, Mr 8 yo asked if we will be able to get thesecond DVD, too! 

This first installment is about the Holy Eucharist and is a very thorough, yet easy to understand, dissertation on the Eucharist.  I know dissertation might sound boring, but believe me this was far from boring.  The entire 45 minute story is told by kids and is full of a lot of great information and a lot of humor.  We laughed out loud a number of times and, as Ms 9 yo said, "Lily and Caroline are SOO cute!"

I always love when people tie the Old Testament and the New Testament together for me, and this was done throughout the video, especially when they explained how God prefigured the Eucharist with the manna in the dessert.  The entire section on Moses was very well done.

During this video, they covered everything from Moses, to Jesus and the Last Supper (my younger kids' favorite part) to Eucharistic miracles, how to receive worthily and spiritual communions.

There were many questions presented, some covering complex topics, that were all explained in ways that even the younger viewers could understand.  This video is recommended for ages 5 through 12, but even those of us older than 12 enjoyed it and learned from it.

There are bonus selections, too, including an informative section on adoration, exposition and benediction, as well as bloopers and an online quiz that you can have your kids take to see how much they learned.

This DVD would make an excellent accompaniment to your religious education curriculum, whether you homeschool, teach RE or send your kids to a Catholic school.  Even though I received my copy free in order to review it, in no way does that skew my recommendation that this DVD belongs in every Catholic home, and it would make a great gift to give, especially to someone who doesn't quite believe in the Eucharist.

We can't wait for the second DVD to come out!

God Bless!