Thursday, May 30, 2013

Theme Thursday - Self Portraits

Yuck!  One of the reasons I love photography is because I am usually not in the pictures.  That's why when I saw this week's theme, my first response was oh no, really?  

Then I started thinking about wanting to do something other than stand in front of a mirror and take a picture of myself.  I thought about getting the tripod out and using the timer, but I hurt my back the other day so that seemed like too much work (pathetic, I know).  

I went outside and took some shots but my eyes were so squinted that I looked like Mr. Lunt from Vegie Tales.  

I came inside and took some, trying different angles but there are only so many ways you can hold a camera at arms length.  I tried shooting from above because I just read an article that said to be careful about how you shoot women because of the "double chin" effect.  Too many double chin effect photos to count.

I took this one while sitting down, which I kind of liked in the sepia tone; you can't really see my chin and my eyes are open.

Just for the fun of it, on the way back to my computer, I took some in front of the mirror and the very last one I took is the one I like best.

Oh well, at least I'm not required to tell how many photos I had to take before I found the two I'm willing to post! 

Join in the fun over at Clan Donaldson.

God Bless!


  1. I really like the angle in the second picture, too! And I like it in color, since your pink shirt gives the whole thing a happy, springy feel.

  2. I think yours turned out great! Such a hard exercise, and I think we see little imperfections in ourselves that no one else sees. When I see a picture of myself, I always focus on one thing, and no one else ever even knows what I am talking about. SO hard to look at yourself with love.

    And I was so embarrassed about how many pictures I took before getting a "good enough" one that I sat down for half an hour and deleted them all.

  3. I love you in that bright pink shirt!! You look wonderful!! I thought the same thing as you, self--really?

  4. I guess we all did the same magically delete all the bad pictures thing. On an up side? At least it wasn't film we wasted! :) I love the pink, fun angle. I'm kind of regretting the not taking a reflection picture now.

  5. You look so pretty! Your hubby is a lucky guy!

  6. I kind of love the holding the camera in the mirror picture for some reason. You look great! :)

  7. Your pictures came out nice! I always make sure to take self-photos above my head to lessen the double chin! LOL. And you really had me laughing at Mr. Lunt. :-)

  8. I love how your pink shirt matches your pink nails. So fun!

  9. The sepia is great! But I definitely like the second better - the pink really pops :)

  10. I can never get my eyes to open enough in outdoor pictures. It drives me crazy!
    I think they are both great pictures. I really like the pop of pink in the second one, but I think the close up in sepia is my favorite.