Friday, October 25, 2013

Hope's Cafe

I always like to plug a good Catholic product or production whenever I can, so I'm here to give you something good to watch this weekend.

We've been involved in the Little Flowers Performing Art Center since its inception and the kids have done some wonderful acting, singing and dancing.

Hope's Cafe is the young adult/adult portion of the Center and every Thursday evening they meet to improv skits.  Each person was responsible for creating his/her own character and then they work out skits that revolve around something Catholic or a moral or virtue.  

This first episode is 30 minutes but it is quite funny and I think you'll thoroughly enjoy some of the characters and their sense of humor.

The second installment is only 5 minutes and is also good for a few laughs. 

I hope you'll view them, share them and help support this new Catholic endeavor to spread a good message in a unique and heartwarming way.  

Oh, and even though Ms 17 yo shows up in a future episode and I know all these other people, I really am not biased.  I like this show for what it is and what it is trying to do :)

God Bless

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  1. That's nice to know. What is your daughter's character about?