Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Saturday Night Fun

Saturday night was cooler but still humid, so between that and the heat waves that often bombard our bedroom at night, I decided to leave the bedroom window open when I went to bed.

I had started drifting off when I was awakened by a loud bang - you know, the kind that sounds like a car hitting something.  I listened carefully and heard (because the wind was blowing just right) two voices talking.  They sounded okay, no brakes screeching, no swearing or arguing, so far so good.  After a few minutes I heard what sounded like a gun shot, which really isn't all that uncommon of a sound as we live in a somewhat rural area, but it did make my ears perk up a bit so I listened some more.

Finally I heard words that confirmed what I was suspecting, "I hit a deer with my car!".  I'm guessing that my neighbor, who is an avid hunter, must have heard/seen/been a part of the commotion and came to put the deer out of its misery.

Sunday morning on the way home from Mass we saw the outcome of the accident.  On the side of the road was the massive, headless body of about a 200 pound deer.  DH speculates that, based on the size of the body, the deer had a nice rack on its head so someone must have come along and cut its head off so as to get the head and antlers mounted.  "Why on earth would someone pay money to mount the head of a deer that was hit by someone else???" was my question.  I mean really, you can't even have bragging rights to it.  I guess you could lie about it but, really??  "No," my hubby said, "they probably did it so they could sell it." 
     "SELL IT? Who would buy someone else's deer head?  They wouldn't even have bragging rights, although I guess they could lie about it too."
     "No, dear, they would sell it to someone like Cabella's or Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shop."

Oh, okay, now it all makes sense.  

I wish we could have seen the whole thing, but I guess a headless body is all we're getting!  And that, my friends, is a fun weekend night in the country.

God Bless!