Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stopping By to Say Hi

Well, it wasn't planned, but my little respite from technology this past week was necessary.  In addition to all of our usual activities and driving assignments, I was having allergy issues which left me breathless and tired, there were a few extra outings on the calendar and well, life was just overwhelming.  It is amazing what you can't do when you aren't feeling up to par.  I am so looking forward to cooler weather around here!

This week was our semi-annual Free 4 All so I was able to take a van load of stuff over and say a fond farewell to it all.  The amazing thing was, I didn't come home with anything new.  I scoured the tables but only found this white sequenced jacket with black sequence spots on it (think COW) but, as good as it looked on me, I decided to let someone much younger than me take it home :)  Besides, the look on Ms 10 yo's face when she saw it on me was too much to bear!

Mr 13 yo had an awesome soccer game today.  Someone turned up the heat in these boys today and they were playing some aggressive soccer.  I kept thinking it was a bit too aggressive, but no fouls were called and my husband kept cheering so I guess it was just me being a mom.

I was finally able to finish Ms 17 yo's senior portraits this week.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

We've had some much needed days of rain here the past few days, however I am looking forward to the humidity taking a hike and cooler weather settling in.  Maybe tomorrow will lend itself to some more apple picking and fruit leather making.  We'll see.

Oh yes; one more thing.  The last post I posted was about the CD "Ineffable" coming out.  We got our copy today and listened to it during dinner and it is as lovely and peaceful as I thought it would be.  As soon as I get my act together, I'm hoping to give away a copy here to some lucky person, so stay tuned.

Here's hoping that I'll be around more next week!  Have a blessed Sunday. 

God Bless!