Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coffee Woes

Oh coffee, how does thou frustrateth me?  Let me counteth the ways.

I never used to like coffee.  It took my husband most of our 25 years of marriage to even get me to drink it.  Now, however, I look forward to that cuppa in the morning and then again around 4:00 pm.  I can't drink fully caffeinated coffee because then I get all jittery so I usually brew about 50/50, or sometimes 60/40 if I feel like living on the wild side.

Lately, however, I have had a HORRIBLE time finding decaf coffee.  Our usual brand seems to be no more.  I've looked at other brands and if they have decaf at all it is usually hazelnut (gag!!).

Oh, but I forgot one important thing.  My husband has always preferred to grind his own beans instead of buying ground coffee and ever since my daughter told us this story, I can't even stomach the thought of ground coffee.

Apparently a patient at the office she works at has a brother-in-law that kept having a reaction to something he was either eating or drinking.  He went through extensive food and allergy testing and they didn't discover anything that jumped out at them, but after even further testing, discovered he was allergic to cockroaches.  After even further digging and questioning, they discovered that it was his coffee that was causing him problems and that since he was drinking ground coffee, and apparently it is a known fact that coffee beans sit around on the warehouse floor and get scooped up and ground up without picking out the cockroaches, that it was the cockroach pieces in his coffee grounds that were causing his allergic reaction.

Okay, so I go to the store and look for my decaf and all I see are ground coffee options and my stomach turns.  I know, the same thing goes for coffee ordered out, but there's something about grabbing for that bag first thing in the morning to measure out the grounds and wondering just how many insect parts per tablespoon you are consuming.

Therefore, I will continue my quest for whole bean decaf coffee, even if it means I have to order it online and have it delivered to my house; or maybe drive far to find it.  Maybe it isn't even a true story and we don't need to worry about it at all. Sorry if I've grossed you out.

Time to go grind my beans for that afternoon cup - where I can guarantee you that no bug parts will be included.

God Bless!


  1. EEEEW!!!! Oh gross! I've been grinding my own beans for years, and I'm SO GLAD now!

    You can pick up plain regular decaf whole bean coffee at any Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, HEB Grocery, Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I've also found it at Sam's and Costco. It's out there!

    1. Thanks Angela. We don't have a HEB and don't live near Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I've looked at Sams and didn't find any decaf at ours! I'm searching out the local Jewel and Walmart and finding only ground decaf! Ug. I might have to force myself to stop at a DD and pick some up there :)

  2. Do the Mystic Monks sell decaf? I'm sure they are cockroach free - right? Besides, what's wrong with a little protein with your coffee. :)