Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beating the February Blahs

I might have mentioned before that I really can't stand the month of February.  I thank God every day of it that He made it the shortest month of the year (even if it is only by 2 or 3 days!).

Last year was so bad!  Between the issues with my less-than-virtuous mental state and the enormous amounts of snow we had (and the stress that that brought with it), I was really dreading this February.  I decided I wanted to try to do whatever I could to avoid a repeat.  While I don't have control over the snow, I do have control over other things.

I think that our new way of eating (the Trim Healthy Mama way) will help.  I also started exercising again, so that's good.  On top of that, I sought out the help of a friend of mine on a Catholic mothers' facebook group I belong to.  She has this great knack for picking out just the right prayer/novena to pray for any given situation.  I pitched my February dilemma to her and she came back with this prayer:

I'm so excited as this is the perfect prayer for me for this month.  I figured that I'm not alone in this, so if anyone else struggles during this month with major blahs then maybe you would like to pray this prayer every day, too.  If you don't suffer from the blahs, then maybe you'd like to pray with those of us who do.  I am so thankful for my sister's in Christ, the gifts that they have and their willingness to share with others.

God Bless!
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