Monday, February 16, 2015

Love Languages, Temperaments and Pigenholing

A lot of people I know over the years have gotten into reading about and learning about the different temperaments.  One of the favorite books on this subject is "The Temperament God Gave You".  

We own it.  I've tried reading it.  I've tried learning about the temperaments from other sources.  You know what?  It never seems to stick.  I cannot remember what traits go with what temperament.

Then after awhile, I just gave up trying because I started to see something happening that I didn't like.  Pigeonholing.  I can't stand to be told that the reason I'm doing something is because I'm choleric or phlagmatic or whatever it is that I am.  Guess what? I'm also an oldest child, an extrovert and am governed by my love language: Acts of Service.  

I really do think that you have to take all of those things into account.  In our house, I think the introvert/extrovert comes into play a lot more often than the temperaments, at least in the area of conflicts.  Within the family, I also see how the love languages play an important role.  I finally understand the ins and outs of the introvert/extrovert thing (pun intended :) and I really like the love languages because those are much easier to remember than the temperaments!

On that note, I'd like to direct you over to my daughter's blog where she is running a series on The Five Love Languages.  I wrote the first guest post on Acts of Service.  We're a lonely and misunderstood bunch.  I hope if you have an Acts of Service person in your household, you'll read this post so you can understand them better :)  Throughout this week she also has other guest bloggers who will write about the other 4 languages.  It looks to be a very interesting series, so I hope you'll hop over there and check them all out.

God Bless!
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